870 W. Apache Trail
P.O. Box 807 * Phone 480-982-2831
Apache Junction, Arizona 85217-0807

September 10, 2003

4717 E. Hilton Ave. Suite 400
Phoenix, AZ 85034

Dear Mr. Wackett:

     We just wanted to thank you for all your concern and efforts in solving our problems with our
new phone system. Upgrading our system to Starplus STS, Seems to have solved the voice mail
and intercom issues that we were plagued with on the 1st equipment. We understand how much
frustration such problems can bring for both organizations, but with your efforts to stand behind
your product and Skip Aragon from Tele-Doc's determination and hours spent in changing over
and resolving the issues, you have renewed our faith that made the right decision regarding
our phone equipment.

Thanks again for all your help.


Rick McDaniel, Office Manager
Arnold Auto Center